226 Cal Cosmic Brownie Uncrustable Protein Pop Tarts

"Make Food Fun Again" with these 226 Cal Cosmic Brownie Uncrustable Protein Pop Tarts."

Servings: 1 Tart


  • Prep Time: 0 mins
  • Cook Time: 0 mins
  • Total Time: 0 mins


Ingredients for Brownie Batter Filling and Frosting:

Rest of ingredients (Make 4 Pop Tarts):

  • 8 Slice Low Calorie Bread of Choice
  • 30g Rainbow Chips
  • 100g Egg Whites


  1. First, make your brownie batter protein filling/frosting by adding all your ingredients into a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then slowly add cold water and mix till you have a thick filling consistency. Add to the fridge to cool and thicken up.
  2. Now take 1 slice of bread and lay flat on your surface. Press down the middle with your fingers and brush egg whites to the edges. Don’t be shy with the egg whites. You’ll need the edges pretty saturated. Then add about a cookie scooper amount of the filling to the middle. You are going to want to use about 2/3rd on the filling and leave 1/3rd left for the frosting.
  3. Now take another slice of bread and brush egg whites to the bottom edges to help it seal when added on top. Add on top of another slice with the brownie batter  filling and then brush egg whites to the top side edges and press down the edge as well as possible to help seal the edges.
  4.  Then slice off the crust with a pizza cutter and crimp down the edges with a fork. Repeat this process for all 4 of your pop tarts.
  5. Add them to the air fryer and spray the tops with non-stick butter spray. Then air fry at 400 degrees F for 3-4 minutes.
  6. Now once pop tarts are done, add your frosting on top of each, then your rainbow chips and enjoy!