An FDL Original Creation  

If you’re not happy with the numbers on the scale…

If your energy levels are out of whack…

If you wish you felt healthy and vibrant …

If you’ve tried diets before and got off track...

I have good news!

It’s not your fault that you’re frustrated, confused or stuck.

And, for the first time in Protein Cookie Butter history, we’ve developed a plan to get you out of the rut. .

It’s called The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge and here’s what it’s all about. 

Give me 30 days, and I’ll give you a proven plan for being happier, healthier and slimmer than ever before

Here’s the harsh truth: To get lasting results from any diet and transform your health, you don't need more information.

You don’t need more empty tips. You don’t even need a secret supplement or workout routine.

What you need is a simple plan you can stick to.

A plan that’s actually harder to NOT get results from than it is to see great results.

Because despite what many so-called “fitness influencers” will tell you, losing weight and getting in great shape is actually quite simple.

Just eat less calories (aka macros) than your body burns and you will lose weight. It’s not rocket science.

Where it gets tricky is managing your appetite and not feeling like you’re constantly depriving yourself of delicious food while eating in a deficit.

That’s where The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge comes in.

It works because it helps you stay in a calorie deficit while allowing you to enjoy delicious foods... 

Like these Frosted Cinnamon Roll oats:

Or this White Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cream Cookie:

Or these Cookies & Cream Protein Donuts:

Imagine being able to eat all that on a diet.

You can when you take the Protein Cookie Butter Challenge. And here’s how you can do the challenge and get incredible results.  

The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge is so simple ANYONE can do it and get great results…

Getting results from The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge is easy.

For 30 days, all you have to do is switch one guilty pleasure meal or “dirty” dessert a day for a Protein Cookie Butter approved option and watch the weight melt off.

For example, you could make this healthy breakfast swap. Just trade your “dirty” Venti white chocolate mocha and “cheat food” bacon & cheddar classic breakfast sandwich (which has more than 800 calories) for a regular coffee and Protein Cookie Butter-approved pancakes.

Or for lunch, swap your traditional PB&J sandwich for a protein-packed, sinfully delicious Golden Cookie Sandwich.

Make these simple swaps for 30 days and one thing is for sure…

You will see incredible results.

How do I know for sure?

I've helped thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives, while eating foods like bacon burgers, donuts and ice cream. Look at some of the results they got while eating like this: 

And I’ve built a following of more than a quarter of a million people on Instagram because of one thing: I can help you down a path toward feeling happier, healthier and better than you ever have in just 30 days…

You just need to make eating delicious healthy foods effortless. Easy even!

And that’s what The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge will help you do. 

Here are the clinically proven benefits of making this commitment to your health

In 1935, the biggest health discovery in history was made.

That year, scientists began studying the effects of calorie-restricted diets. And what they found shocked them.

When they put rats on a calorie restricted diet, the animals began experiencing longer life spans and less age-related diseases.

If you’re thinking, “Okay, good for the rats, but what about me?” look at what happened next.

In the years that followed, dozens of experiments further proved that calorie restriction is one of the most powerful ways to transform any mammal’s health … including humans.

And we’re not just talking about weight benefits.

We’re talking about whole-body benefits, including:

  • Being happier
  • Being slimmer
  • Living longer
  • Getting sick less frequently
  • Feeling amazing

  • And here’s the best news: The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge is designed to help you stay in a calorie deficit so you can experience all these benefits and more.

    That’s because it makes eating lower-calorie foods effortless. In other words, you can have delicious foods WHILE you’re eating in a deficit. That means you can lose weight and experience all the benefits of calorie restriction without ever really feeling like you’re on a diet.  

    It’s an “all-in-one” program that just works:

  • Even if … you’ve tried other diets before and failed
  • Even if … you hate being hungry and tired
  • Even if … you don’t care about losing weight, and you just want to feel better!

  • What you get when you take the challenge and commit to your health
    The Challenge includes 3 tubs of Protein Cookie Butter Powder. One in each flavor so you can use it in a variety of recipes.

    You’ll also get our 18 quick and easy ways to use Protein Cookie Butter Powder cheat sheet. So you can make things like this: 

    You’ll also get a copy of my Protein Cookie Butter-Approved recipe book

    This is a collection of the best recipes I’ve created over the years, including:

    100+ of Our Low-Calorie and BEST Tasting Recipes, some using Protein Cookie Butter Powder and some totally different

  • Incredible Desserts, Entrees, and Breakfast Foods
  • Meal Prep Foods Like Brownies, Bagels, and Cookies
  • Recipes That Anyone Can Make
  • Macro-Friendly Foods PDF
  • Grocery List for Flexible Dieting
  • Complete Guide to Getting Started with Flexible Dieting

    I mean, just look at some of these delicious recipes:  

  • Chocolate Covered Raspberries Cookie Butter Waffles

    Macros for Entire Stack:

    416 Cals, 12g Carbs, 33g Fat, 44g Protein

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter Pancakes

    Macros for the Entire Stack:

    474 Cals, 32g Carbs, 14g Fat, 55g Protein

    Chocolate Covered Raspberry Jumbo Muffins

    Macros for Each Muffin:

    167 Cals, 17g Carbs, 3g Fat, 18g Protein

    Drooling yet?

    Well, it gets even better...

    Because even though this recipe book has a real value of $94, it’s yours FREE when you enroll in the Protein Cookie Butter Challenge. 

    To Recap...
    Here’s Everything That’s Included With Your Protein Cookie Butter Challenge 

    A Tub of Frosted Cinnamon Roll Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($22 value)

    A Tub of Cookies & Creme Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($22 value)

    A Tub of Golden Cookie Sandwich Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($22 value)

    18 quick and easy ways to use Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($18 value)

    Protein Cookie Butter-Approved recipe book ($94 value)  

    Total Value: $178 $72! 

    But when you enroll in The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge today, you won’t pay anything close to that.

    To reward you for investing in your health, I’m giving you a very special price...

    Make the investment in yourself and in your health and SAVE $106!

    I promised to give you an incredible deal when you take this challenge.

    But imagine for a second I didn’t. Would it still be worth it to you?

    If all that this program did was help you lose those last 10 pounds and walk into a room and make people say, “Wow, she looks good”...

    If all that this program did was help you put an end to yo-yo dieting … would it be worth it to you?

    If all that this program did was help you balance your hormones, reduce inflammation, eliminate fatigue, and transform your body from the inside out …

    Would you be willing to invest $178 for that?

    I think many of us would gladly pay that price if it meant we could feel amazing every day.

    But if you commit and take the challenge today, you can get started for just… 

    Total Value: $178 $72! 

    And you can make that investment knowing your purchase is protected by an unbeatable money-back guarantee.

    Here’s why I offer this worry-free guarantee.

    I know this program works. I only want to develop the highest quality material based on real science and proven results. Results that I’ve seen personally, with my family, my own dad and over 1,000 people I’ve worked with online and in person.

    So go ahead, sign up today and we’ll ship your Protein Cookie Butter Powder right out. We’ll give you instant access to your recipe books. And welcome you as a customer.

    And if for any reason you don’t feel it’s a fit, simply contact us any time in the 30 days after your order and we’ll give you a full refund.

    It’s simple. I’m able to make this kind of guarantee because I know you’re going to love it.
    Just Make One Decision Today — Just One
    You can keep eating the way you always have. And you may even feel better in short bursts.

    Or you can take action. You can follow the same system I’ve shown to thousands of people to help them live richer, more energetic lives.

    You don’t even have to keep the program. All you have to do is give it a try.

    Are you ready to get started?

    Yes, I’m ready to give the program a shot!

    There’s only one question left to ask:

    Are you ready to have more energy, lose weight, and feel amazing?

    YES! I’m ready to feel better, boost my energy and transform my health with The Protein Cookie Butter Challenge! 

    Remember, You Don't Need More Information.
    You Don’t Need More Willpower.
    You Need A Plan That’s Impossible To Fail.

    This is your path: 

  • A Tub of Frosted Cinnamon Roll Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($22 value)
  • A Tub of Cookies & Creme Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($22 value)
  • A Tub of Golden Cookie Sandwich Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($22 value)
  • 18 quick and easy ways to use Protein Cookie Butter Powder ($18 value)
  • Protein Cookie Butter-Approved recipe book ($94 value)  

  • Total Value: $178
    Your Price Today: $72!